The Accidental Scholar

The Accidental Scholar is the autobiography of Professor Jagdish N. Sheth, a renowned scholar and one of the foremost authorities in the world on marketing and consumer behaviour. This is the fascinating story of a young man from India who went to America to realise the American Dream and became a world-renowned educator and thought-leader.

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President Jimmy Carter and Dr. Sheth

Former President Jimmy Carter and Dr. Sheth

India Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Dr. Sheth

India Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Dr. Sheth

Philip Kotler

Dr. Philip Kotler’s Forward

Jagdish’s autobiography [The Accidental Scholar] tells a fascinating life story in a few hundred pages of what it is to be, in one person, a scholar, change agent, advisor, and entrepreneur, in other words, a Renaissance Man….One of the interesting features of his book is that each chapter ends with a Life Lesson that Jagdish learned. Putting these Life Lessons together would provide a wonderful road map for any new promising scholar to follow.

I feel privileged that Jagdish Sheth invited me to write the foreword to his autobiography, The Accidental Scholar. Jagdish has so many friends and admirers who could have graced these pages describing this outstanding scholar, consultant, administrator, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Without question, Jagdish Sheth is one of the most original minds in the academic world of marketing and business.

– Philip Kotler, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.

This book takes the reader on a fascinating journey that epitomizes the many dimensions of Dr Sheth. Written with great authenticity, it is the story of a scholar and his contribution to the evolution of consumer behavior, strategic marketing, competitive strategy, and relationship marketing as academic disciplines, together with the sub-text and context that shaped this evolution. What is particularly inspiring is the passion and hard work that have distinguished Dr Sheth as an academic, consultant, coach, and philanthropist. His energy and agility in spotting emerging patterns provides a refreshing perspective right through, as do interspersed nuggets like “markets don’t plateau, managers do.

Vinita BaliBusiness Leader-Cadbury Schweppes, The Coca-Cola Company, and Britannia India Ltd

The Accidental Scholar offers a vision of a life well-led and what can happen when you combine passion with hard work, principles, and adaptability. This is a profound work!

Marshall Goldsmithauthor of the New York Times and global bestseller What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Many readers will find inspiration in this well-told tale of immigration, education, and academic entrepreneurship by the marketing legend Jag Sheth.

Alvin E. RothNobel Laureate in Economics, 2012