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Conflict and Its Resolution in Family Buying Decisions

By February 20, 1975February 6th, 2019Consumer Behavior
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The purpose of this study is to examine the incidence of joint vs. autonomous decision making in household buying behavior with respect to relevant more important and involved products and services, namely furniture, automobile, and vacation. Since joint decision making is more prevalent for these types of products and services buying behavior, the focus of the study was on the prevalence of conflict between husband and wife in their goals and perceptions with respect to the specific purchase behavior involved, and the process with which they attempted to resolve the conflict. Specifically, our interest was to measure the tactics of conflict resolution employed by each spouse including persuasion, bargaining and politiking. Finally, the study attempts to measure demographic and life style correlates of specific tactics of conflict resolution by the respondents.
Conflict and Its Resolution in Family Buying Decisions

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