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Developing a Model of Antecedents to Consumers’ Perceptions and Evaluations of Price Unfairness

By September 9, 2008February 15th, 2019Marketing Research
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Drawing on previous research in pricing, we propose three broad antecedents to perceptions of price unfairness. Consumers perceive price unfairness when (1) they feel that the firm is making excessive profits, (2) they are not able to understand the pricing structure applied, and (3) they sense the firm is acting in an immoral or unethical manner. Survey data were collected from 969 consumers to understand their perceptions of price unfairness. In the survey, respondents were asked to provide their perceptions of pricing practices for fifteen products or services. A content analysis of consumers’ comments confirms a wide array of drivers of price unfairness discussed by researchers and uncovers a few under-researched antecedents.
Developing A Model Of Antecedents To Consumers' Perceptions And Evaluations Of Price Unfairness

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