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Toward a Theory of Macromarketing

By February 20, 1992February 11th, 2019Marketing Theory
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Macromarketing has not received the pedagogical attention and support it deserves because it lacks a well accepted theory. This paper attempts a theory of macromarketing based on the concept that purpose of macromarketing is, or ought to be, the development and maintenance of a harmonious relationship between marketing and society. A harmonious relationship requires both goal convergence (the what aspect) and process convergence (the how aspect) in any relationship.

The paper suggests five determinants of goal convergence between marketing and society:

  1. Shared vision
  2. Convergent policy
  3. Cultural unity
  4. Mutual education
  5. Common cause

It also suggest five determinants of process convergence between marketing and society:

  1. Win-win value creation
  2. Networked organizations
  3. Mutual interdependence
  4. Mutually accepted practices
  5. Frontline information systems

The role of macromarketing as a bridge between marketing and society is to research and practice goal and process convergence.

Towards a Theory of Macromarketing

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